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Symptoms of Depression in Men

If you are a man going through depression and are intentional about getting help, you should be commended for being counted among the courageous. In general, men are less inclined to admit to depression than women, much less pursue help. They are more likely to try merely toughing it out (or driving it underground) orContinue Reading

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Prevention continued Counseling may help you through times of grief, stress, or low mood. Family therapy may be particularly important for teens who feel blue. If you feel socially isolated or lonely, try volunteering or getting involved in group activities.Continue Reading

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Prevention Healthy lifestyle habits can help prevent depression, or lessen the chances of it happening again. These habits include eating properly, sleeping adequately, exercising regularly, learning to relax, and not drinking alcohol or using drugs.Continue Reading

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At your health care provider expect some exploration of the issues and events associated with your feelings of depression. Your doctor will ask you about: Your depressive moods and other symptoms (sleep, appetite, concentration, energy) Possible stressors in your life, and support systems in place Whether thoughts about ending your life have ever crossed yourContinue Reading

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What to expect at your health care provider’s office. A complete history, a psychiatric interview, and a physical examination will be performed to try to classify your depression as mild, moderate, or severe. This will help to see if there is an underlying, treatable cause (such as alcohol abuse or an underactive thyroid). Hospitalization isContinue Reading