Light on the Fringe – Dr. Gary Lovejoy PhD

Light on the Fringe By Gary Lovejoy, Ph.D. and Gregory Knopf M.D.

It is in the darkest of times when the smallest amount of light becomes the most effective. When the overwhelming weight of doubt and the consuming presence of depression shroud every circumstance, hope is often the thing that seems the greatest distance away. Light on the Fringe offers a heartening look into the realities of depression and fashions a biblical perspective that will give renewed life to a hope that endures.

“I read this manuscript on a day when I felt troubling thoughts tugging at my heart. I found challenge, clarity, concrete hope and – best of all – some moments of Aha! That’s what’s going on.”
Elisa Morgan – CEO, MOPS International

“Having finished Light on the Fringe, I am left appreciating their handling of true and false guilt, the need for authenticity, how depression has been stereotyped, and their thoughtful depiction of biblical characters who faced depression. I found this book warm, helpful, Biblically solid, and full of hope.”
Randy Alcorn – Author of Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and Deception