Finding Hope in the Darkness of Depression. Depression Outreach offers seminars for those seeking to go deeper in an interactive format that allows you to experience the real breakthrough you have been seeking.

Outline of topics (4 hours):

– The Characteristics and Patterns of Depression
– The Purpose of Depression: The Divine Image on Display
– The Role of Anxiety in Depression
– Predisposing Factors and Causes of Depression
– The Problem of Low Self-esteem and How to Change It
– Modeling the Brain: The Use of Antidepressant Medication
– Modeling the Mind: Changing the Internal Commentary
– Dealing with Guilt, Shame and Anger
– Engaging the Spiritual Dimension: Stereotypes of Depression and the Concepts of God

Outline of further topics covered (6 hours):

– Understanding the Depression Tri
– The Bible’s Perspective of Anxiety and Depression
– Six Self-defeating Beliefs in Depression: Biblical Case Histories
– What about Suicidal Behavior?
– The Dangerous Myths of Suicide: What you can do, what you can’t do
– New Trends in Antidepressant Medication
– Choosing the Right Therapist for You
– The Value of Exercise: Stepping out & Reaching Out
– The Power of Prayer and Meditation: What is it? And, How Does It Help?

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