Daily Dose 5.18.12

Seasonal Depression If your depression occurs in the fall or winter months, try light therapy-using a special lamp that mimics the sun.Continue Reading

Daily Dose 5.17.12

Home Care part 2 Get involved in activities that make you happy, even if you don’t feel like it. Spend time with family and friends. Try talking to clergy or spiritual advisors who may help give meaning to painful experiences. Consider prayer, meditation, tai chi, or biofeedback as ways to relax or draw on yourContinue Reading

Daily Dose 5.16.12

Home Care If you are depressed for 2 weeks or longer, you should contact your doctor, who can offer treatment options. Regardless of whether you have mild or major depression, the following self-care steps can help: Get enough sleep. Follow a healthy, nutritious diet. Exercise regularly. Avoid alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs.Continue Reading

What Causes Stress

You have probably heard people (including yourself) say many times, “I’m really stressed out!” When you hear that, you usually understand what they’re talking about. But, when professionals use that terminology, what do they mean? Generally speaking, they refer to stress as any time events in our lives begin to tax our coping abilities, usuallyContinue Reading

Daily Dose 5.15.12

Depression may be brought on by: Alcohol or drug abuse Childhood events like abuse or neglect Chronic stress Death of a friend or relative Disappointment at home, work, or school (in teens, this may be breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failing a class, or parents divorcing) Drugs such as sedatives and high bloodContinue Reading