Looking for Support with your Depression

depression outreach troutdale oregonDo you wonder where you can find others who can be supportive of you as you struggle to right your emotional ship?  Are there groups out there that have members with whom you can identify, who also grapple with depression? The good news is that there are a number of like-minded groups which principally exist to address, among other problems, the issues of depression.

Many who come from a history of substance abuse (and who have been self-medicating for depression) can find support groups who understand their struggles, groups such as NA for drug addictions or AA for alcohol abuse (or Alcoholics Victorious for Christians who have problems with alcohol). These support groups provide accountability checks and mentors, who have, themselves, been addicted in the past. They are very familiar with the various forms of denial common among substance abusers, and the sometimes profound depression that typically accompanies it.

For those who chronically struggle with depression, or who are in acute stage of severe depression, groups sponsored by the National Association for Mental Illness can be helpful. For those who are Christians, there is the national network of local chapters of Celebrate Recovery, which provides strong support for those undergoing depression and other distressed mood states. dealing with depression, celebrate recovery

If you want to locate a support group near you, you might contact your local church and inquire about a Celebrate Recovery in the area, or a local chapter of a national organization of psychologists and therapists, which can guide you to a relevant support group in your city. These organizations include the American Psychological Assn. (APA), the American Ass. Of Christian Counselors (ACCA), the Christian Assn. for Psychological Studies (CAPS), the American Counseling Assn. (ACA), and the National Assn. for Certified Counselors (NCC).  Each of these associations have “How to find” data bases that can be helpful to you in finding either a support group or an individual therapist.  Check them out at their websites which you can locate by the name of their organization on Google.

Want to know more?  Go to www.Depressionoutreach.com

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